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Temple's Mission

The Hanuman Mandir of Greater Houston is a house of worship for Hindus to worship, pray & perform community services such as education, personal and group family life consultations, planning local community events. The focus is for participants to develop and enhance core human and Vedic values by practicing kindness, tolerance, transparency and respect for all.

The Hanuman Mandir Venue will be used as a vehicle to hold classes, deliver inspirational and holistic messages through invited and in community speakers and promote community service by volunteerism of talent and skills. The projects will aim at creating a healthy experience for the local community.

Community Services such as those listed below, will be supported locally and globally on a need basis, irrespective of religion, race, and ethnicity and based on availability of resources and priorities established by the Temple management.
  • Health Advisory Service
  • Helping Local Food Banks
  • Educational sessions
  • Yoga classes
  • Health Seminars
  • Collecting needed resources from Congregation for communities affected by natural  disasters